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A Season of Strife: The Wiles of Esther

If the days of the Devil are numbered, what’s a demon to do? As the War for Souls hurtles towards a shocking end, Esther must brave a strange new world. Surviving it won’t be easy, but then again, when the fuck has it ever been?

A Season of Strife: Sisters of Night

Long have the witches of the world lived in the shadows, fearful of Lucifer Morningstar and those demons in his thrall. Now, the War for Souls is over, and the time for hiding may finally be at an end.

Maya Cormier might not be the eldest of her sisters, but she will soon be faced with the most daunting burden of all… a seat on the fabled Coven of the Seven. Now it will fall to her to honor her family legacy and aid in the defense of witches everywhere.

But danger isn’t far behind. The dark cloud of Lucifer may be gone, but there are still many demons who seek to continue what he began. Can the Cormier sisters hold true to one another even as darkness closes in?

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