A New Season Begins…

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In the shadowy world of Angels and demons, a brand new season is about to begin. It all starts now with the premier of the first two episodes. Episode 3 debuts on August 9th, with new episodes to follow each Monday.

This adventure coincides with the plot of “Elegy”, the finale to A Season of Angels, and will carry the tale well beyond those monumental events.

You can find the story right here, just look for the menu option “Kindle Vella Projects”at the top of the page and follow the link provided.

Curious to know more? Enjoy a small tease from the first episode of this wild new story…

A tease from Episode 1: A Bad Day Gone Worse of “The Wiles of Esther

Oh, real fine mess, Sas. Real fine mess. As if one demon wasn’t bad enough!

“Now, you hold your horses a second, missy!” That was just about enough. It was one thing for someone in danger to barge in seeking help, but this was about her limit for the day. “I don’t pretend to know what kind of trouble you think to track in my place, but I am not having it.”

She got a proper look at the woman who pushed her way inside and she was a red head alright. Dressed in what looked like a motorcycle jacket with dark pants to match, heck, she even had what looked an awful lot like a knife just dangling from her hip as well. Yeah, real fine mess.

“Who the fuck is this?” The woman didn’t even have to courtesy to ask her directly, no, she turned to her friend and asked him instead. He just shrugged his shoulders and grunted what would have passed for an answer if he bothered to form coherent words.

“My name, if you really wanna know, is Sasparilla. And you, whoever the heck you are, don’t belong. Not here. So, take your friend, or whoever he is and hit the road.”

But redhead just rolled her eyes and shook her head. This one was full of spit and fire, Sasparilla could tell that from the off, and she would have chuckled were it not for the inconvenience of it all.

Bloody damn demons just marching up in here, acting like they own everything.

It was like New Orleans all over again. Well, almost. And she hoped to all the Angels and Saints in the world that it didn’t get near as bad all that.

“Well, Saspa-whatever-the-holy-fuck you call yourself. You mind if we crash here a little while. My dumbass friend over here got himself into a real fine fucking mess, and I’m just trying make sure his head stays attached to his damn neck,”—she glanced over her shoulder and fixed him with a gaze that made him blanche—“not that he deserves it.”

Oh, Lord have mercy! “That’s Sasparilla, young lady. And you best watch your language around me.”

There was no way around it, as much as she hated to admit the truth. These demons were in her hair and getting them out of it was not about to be an easy task.

“So,”—Sasparilla wasn’t about to give her smart mouth a chance to say something in response, so she locked the door and stalked off towards the small kitchen in the back—“you gotta proper name or anything?”

“Esther.” The woman chimed in, just as Sasparilla stepped into the kitchen and fussed around until she had a glass of ice water in hand.

Published by Christopher Stanfield

Christopher Stanfield is a West Texas native whose love of writing began at the age of fourteen, inspired by a love of mythology, science fiction and fantasy. And though he’s spent the past twenty years in IT for a small bank, writing is the one passion that never quite let go.

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