Nearly There…

            It’s real. There’s no denying it now.

            What started as a dream many years ago has become reality. To be honest, I never quite imagined that I would actually arrive at this point. But here I am regardless. My debut book is finished. The editing complete. The cover designed. It’s listed on Amazon, on i-Tunes, on Barnes & Noble, on Kobo, on Smashwords, and a few others as well. My creative work, the story I dreamed of telling for nearly a decade, is ready for pre-order and it releases into the world on November 4th. I had this funny little daydream in my head for the longest time… the daydream of becoming a published writer. It was the kind of lovely, far-off idea that plays over and over again if you allow yourself the opportunity to indulge in the fantasy of it all. But that was all it was. A fantastical daydream. Something I could imagine but never quite touch.

            It’s strange to realize how quickly such notions can change.

            Since the editing on “The Girl in the Storm” finished (and to that end, a huge shout out goes to Meredith Tennant, whose incredible work helped to hone my unwieldy novel into something worth reading), I have completed the first draft of its two sequels. Yes, I have done quite a bit of writing and there really is little end in sight. To say that there are more stories to come would be a bit of an understatement. There are plenty of tales yet to spin, and with each new idea I discover that the fictional world I’ve created is exceptionally larger than I realized from the start. It’s a funny thing to discover, but I suppose that’s often the way of it. The plans we draw up may be careful, they may even make sense at the time, but how often do they stay exactly as they were when those ideas first began to form?

As for the rest of the stories in this little trilogy of mine, “The Woman in Darkness”, Book Two in A Season of Angels, will begin the editing phase in a few short weeks. I’m hoping for a six-week turnaround, which should offer ample time to shape this next story into a tale worth reading. Yes, things are moving quickly. I can’t say for certain, of course, but for now my tentative plans will see this next entry into the story of Genevieve Reidell published around March of next year. And its sequel? A few months after that. There is plenty more yet to come and before you know it I will actually be able to call myself a published author. (of not one but three books!) That day is fast approaching, and I hope that you will all follow me along on this crazy ride, wherever it may go.

There are more stories to tell, quite naturally. As I stated before, the world crafted in my upcoming trilogy is expanding even as I type this. When I first set out to spin this little story, I never quite thought that it would take on the shape it has. But with each book written, that world grew a little more. The myth and lore I surrounded it in shifted and grew as well. I already have a novella half-way through completion, and there’s a decent chance that this is only the beginning. The story told there will take place between the last two chapters of “The Girl in the Storm”, and will provide a deeper insight into some of the events that will lead readers into the frightful, harrowing journey of “The Woman in Darkness”.

Where will the story of Genevieve Reidell lead next?

That’s the question. The answer, though, is one you will have to discover along the way. A Season of Angels reveals the dark, hopeful, and dangerous road her journey sets her on, and who knows… there may be more to come. More tales to spin. More dangers to confront. The journey of a writer is ever changing and where it leads one cannot always say with certainty. But I can say this…

Stay tuned.

Even when one season ends, another will inevitably begin. And when it comes it will be not a season of Angels… but of Shadows. But that is a tale for another time. For now, I hope you enjoy the adventure that is soon to unfold.

A Season of Angels begins November 4th with “The Girl in the Storm”. Pre-order today and discover the strange, dark adventure of a young woman whose simple life is about to come undone.

Published by Christopher Stanfield

Christopher Stanfield is a West Texas native whose love of writing began at the age of fourteen, inspired by a love of mythology, science fiction and fantasy. And though he’s spent the past twenty years in IT for a small bank, writing is the one passion that never quite let go.

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